Website Maintenance

Keep your website secure, up to date and working the way it should.

Take the hassle out of website maintenance and updating

To keep your website secure against potential vulnerabilities and working as well as it can, it is vital to make sure that you stay on top of maintenance. I have often been asked to work on websites that have seemingly been untouched on the back end since launch. This can cause performance issues and leave your site open to hackers.

Typically, when I have completed a web project, I offer a full maintenance package in which I take care of your website on a monthly basis. This includes backup creation, the tweaking and updating of any plugins to ensure optimal performance and any other minor tweaks to keep your website running the way it should.

Gone are the days of worrying that an update will ruin your site, or that your user data could be open to exploitation. Get in touch today to see how I can help you stay on top of updates and maintenance to give you peace of mind.

How can I help you with Website Maintenance?


By passing on your website maintenance programme to a third party, you can free yourself up to focus on developing your business. Make sure your website stays at its best and remains secure by taking up a monthly website maintenance package.


If you are concerned by the constant alerts on your website back end about various plugin and theme updates, worry no more. By taking up a website maintenance programme, you can keep your website secure and running smoothly at all times.


If your agency is too busy working on new and exciting projects, why not pass on the boring maintenance contracts to a freelancer? I’m happy to spend time ensuring sites are backed up, safely updated and running smoothly without you needing to lift a finger.


The update warnings in your website’s back end can appear quite intimidating. You may also be worried about losing your precious content. If so, please get in touch today to discuss arranging a website maintenance schedule to keep your site backed up and updated at all times.

Website Maintenance Projects

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Redeveloping the website of the UK's largest independent Cooperage

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