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Freelance SEO expertise, from content to technical

You could have the most beautiful website on the planet, perfectly designed for user experience, but it will count for nothing if no one can find it. There are many pitfalls that people fall down when it comes to Search engine optimisation (SEO). But getting SEO right is the key to a successful website.

If you’re wondering why your website won’t rank, I can do a full technical audit to see where you may be missing out and help you to get your website where it deserves to be. I can also take a look at your content and site structure to assess why you may not be ranking for the most important keywords in your industry.

Having worked both in-house and agency, I have loads of great experience in a wide variety of sectors. This helps me to offer top-level freelance SEO support to any business. So get in touch today and I’ll help you bring your website to where it deserves to be.

How can I help you with Search Engine Optimisation?


When starting out, it is important to ensure that your website is optimised for the keywords that are most relevant for your intended users. I am happy to work with startups to research these keywords and ensure that the site is best placed to rank for them from both a technical and content point of view.


If your website is not ranking for your chosen keywords, I can work with you to audit both your chosen keywords and your website. There are often quick technical wins to be made that can push you up the SERPs as well as basic content changes that can help point google bots in the right direction.


Sometimes having a fresh set of eyes on a client website can provide new ideas and shine a light on SEO areas that may have been missed by an internal SEO team. I am happy to provide SEO audits and suggestions to agencies to help them add an outside perspective on their ongoing projects.


If you want your personal projects, blogs or portfolios to find new audiences, it is important that your website is optimised for search engines. I can walk you through SEO best practices and perform SEO audits to ensure that you are giving your personal website the best chance of ranking on Google.

Search Engine Optimisation Projects

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