Website Analysis

Find your website’s weak spots for improved performance.

Website audits locate technical, useability and content issues

If your website isn’t performing to its full potential, there may be a number of reasons. These could include technical issues such as slow page speed, poor mobile experience, badly structured content and navigation, and many more. There could also be content issues, such as poor keyword use, incorrect content structure and missing alt and header tags.

When assessing a site, there are so many areas to look at, that it is sometimes useful to get an outside perspective on why a site is not performing as expected. That’s where I come in. As a freelance SEO specialist, web designer and developer, I am well positioned to provide a full website audit to help your website to grow.

If you would like to discuss having a website audit, please get in touch today. I will be happy to discuss the current state of your website, what your goals are, and how I can help by doing a deep dive into the strengths and weaknesses of your site.

How can I help you with Website Analysis?


If you have already put together a starter website that is beginning to get traffic, I can help it to grow quickly by making sure it is performing as it should be in all areas. A site audit will ensure that everything is doing what it should, to ensure your business gets off to a flying start.


If your website is stagnating or not performing as expected, a website audit is a great way to diagnose the issue. From basic technical issues to poorly structured content, there are so many reasons that a site could be struggling. Get in touch today to cover all bases with a full, independent website audit.


An independent site audit can work wonders for agencies looking for support on a struggling account. Bringing in a freelance website audit can locate any blindspots that your in-house team may have and open up no avenues for growth. Get in touch today for a white-label, independent site audit.


If your website isn’t working the way it should, there could be any number of reasons. I can take a look at technical, SEO, CRO and other areas to help you drive your website forward. Get in touch today and we can discuss the goals you have for your site, and arrange an audit to help you bring it to where you want it.

Website Analysis Projects

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