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Theme upgrade and maintenance, app audit, setup and management for a Shopify eCommerce store.

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The Brief

Designs by Lolita approached me to undertake a project on their Shopify eCommerce store, to improve performance and user experience. The primary tasks included updating the store’s theme to the latest version while ensuring that all custom liquid code edits are integrated and that existing app functionality remained intact. Additionally, an audit of current apps was to be be conducted to determine their necessity and impact on store performance. For apps that were expensive or causing speed issues, alternative solutions were to be identified and implemented. This project aimed to enhance the store’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall user experience.

The Work

During the update and audit of the Designs by Lolita Shopfiy store, I discovered a number of areas that could be improved. There were a number of apps that were either slowing down the site, no longer in use, or costing large amounts of money to license. These included the replacement of an offer and discount app that was found to be incredibly costly. After a thorough examination of alternatives, I was able to find a significantly cheaper alternative that offered all of the functionality required for the store. I was also able to replace an old GDPR cookie app with a more configurable and user-friendly alternative, as well as implement a new gift wrapping app, providing customers with the option to have their purchases gift wrapped for delivery. I then updated the store’s theme code to the latest version, making sure that all existing apps and custom code edits were seamlessly integrated into the updated theme. Comprehensive testing was conducted to ensure that all aspects of the site, including all apps, functioned correctly.



This project resulted in a more efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly Shopify store for Designs by Lolita. The site speed was improved significantly, which is a common complaint with Shopify stores. From Google Lighthouse scores of below 10, I was able to bring many of the pages up to scores of above 60. Ideally, I would have liked to have further improved this, however the required functionality of the site meant that a number of apps were still required, which will always impact the loading speed of a Shopify store. Since undertaking the work, Designs by Lolita has seen an improvement in all key metrics, including sessions, conversion rate and sales. Since the completion of the initial work, the company has continued to request regular updates and functionality improvements to further improve on the sucessful work performed during this process.

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