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Website design and development of a leased-line comparison website for a fibre-broadband provider.

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The Brief

Vaioni was engaging in the design and development of a comprehensive website for its sub-brand, Compare Leased Lines. The objective was to transform the existing one-page site into a content-rich platform, designed would enhance search engine rankings and optimize user conversions. The project focused primarily on integrating a quote generator, developed in-house by Vaioni, collaborating with the website developer to ensure seamless styling and functionality. The expanded site was to featured detailed product pages, an About Us section, and a comprehensive FAQ page. Key priorities included SEO optimization, fast page load speeds, and a responsive design to ensure an optimal user experience across all devices.

The Work

With the new Compare Leased Lines website focusing primarily on lead generation, it was critical to ensure that the website was clean, and easy to navigate, with key calls to action presented prominently. Working alongside the Vaioni team and other external contributors with content and CPC specialisations, communication between all parties was essential for a smooth and effective development process. After being provided with branding guidelines and draft content, I was able to implement a basic page layout design to implement across the site. Mobile responsiveness and page speed were always at the forefront of this design process to ensure optimum SEO and CRO potential. This was then developed, with the final content added as it was provided by the relevant third parties.

The development of the quote generation plugin was handled primarily by the in-house development team at Vaioni, although I worked on styling and layout design to ensure consistency with the branding and the rest of the website. I was also involved in a couple of tweaks to the code to get things working in a way that all parties were happy with the code and that accurate user tracking could be performed with Google Tag Manager and Analytics.

Pre-launch checks and tests were performed to ensure that all stakeholders were happy with the design and functionality of the site and that the plugin was functioning properly across a multitude of devices. Post-launch reviews and refinements were then conducted to ensure the site met Vaioni’s high standards, resulting in a robust, user-friendly platform that effectively supported the company’s objectives and enhanced the online presence of Compare Leased Lines.



The final result of the Compare Leased Lines website project was a resounding success. The new site achieved a Google Lighthouse page speed score of up to 97, reflecting its optimized performance and fast loading times. This enhancement, along with the improved SEO and user-friendly design, has led to a significantly higher conversion rate. The site saw a marked increase in quote requests, which translated into a substantial rise in subsequent sales. Overall, the project not only met but exceeded Vaioni’s objectives, providing a robust, efficient, and highly effective online resource for their customers.

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